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  • Lower School

    Our youngest boys, in kindergarten through 3rd grade, share iPads. The teachers focus on using these devices to create and show thinking. Boys regularly share and publish work such as digital stories, research projects, and animated movies.

    Chromebooks are given to the boys in 4th Grade. These allow the boys to fully utilize the Google Suite while at school. Collaborative writing, screen casting, and annotation of PDFs are just some of ways these computers are used.
  • Middle School

    When the students enter the middle school in fifth grade they are given an iPad to use at school and home. Our Middle School Program leverages the simplicity, reliability, and speed of iPad devices to deliver content to students efficiently and to help students organize themselves, to communicate and collaborate effectively with each other and with their teachers. Using the google drive platform, the students organize and access their work readily. The iPad is used alongside one binder and much of the paperwork is then stored in notability.

    We take great care to guide our students to use their iPads wisely. The students sign a contract that they will use the device appropriately and for education use only. Additionally, iPad use is restricted at certain times. Conversations on topics such as digital distraction, social media and cyberbullying occur regularly.
  • Upper School

    In the Upper School, the students are required to bring a device of their choice. Primarily the students choose to bring laptops. These laptops are utilized in a variety of ways in different classrooms. There is technology support for the students and there are loaners available. If financial support is needed, the financial aid office should be contacted.


Just with other tools but even more so with these powerful devices, our students are taught about careful and thoughtful use while online. An Acceptable Use Policy guides discussions throughout the school, a digital citizenship curriculum is in place, and being mindful about distraction and addiction is stressed.