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9th grade students in a CPR class

Psychological Services and Social-Emotional Development

The Psychological Services Department at Collegiate strives to provide and support a learning environment in which our students, and the Collegiate community as a whole, thrive emotionally and academically. The department works from a health-based model for the entire community with the belief that if the overall wellness of the community is increased, each individual will function at a higher level.

Throughout all grades, as specific student needs arise, the department offers support services including short-term supportive counseling for students, individual parent meetings and collaboration, and referral services. Additionally, we regularly collaborate with teachers in the support of students, make classroom observations, provide support groups for students with specific needs, such as new student groups and divorce groups, and run grade-level parent meetings and workshops throughout the divisions, focusing primarily on development and parenting.

Members of the department are embedded in each division and maintain a consistent presence in classrooms and in divisional spaces, becoming familiar faces to the students. They participate in classroom lessons and activities, run student clubs, and have an open-door policy for students. Department members also regularly attend grade-level meetings and division-level support meetings and are available to provide consultation to all faculty and staff in support of the student body.

The social-emotional curriculum at Collegiate is woven throughout the school day in multiple settings and is provided by classroom teachers, advisors, and members of the Department of Psychological Services. We are here to support our students as they develop skills to manage their emotions, build and maintain supportive relationships, make responsible and caring decisions, feel and show empathy for others, and explore and establish their identities. As a team, the adults at the school work alongside the students to foster a community that is kind, empathic, and emotionally attuned. 

Health Program and Curriculum

The Nursing Office is responsible for administering the overall health program, managing all aspects of student well-being and health-related tasks. Our nurses assess student health concerns and deliver medical care and psychological care, intervention, and education. Works collaboratively with the New York State and City Departments of Health and other regulatory agencies as needed. Also, collaborates with School leaders to influence health and wellness guidelines and standards for the entire Collegiate community.


The Health Curriculum

All Collegiate students from fourth through ninth grade take part in a health curriculum that focuses on creating a healthy body and lifestyle. This curriculum, taught by our School nurse, includes reproduction, puberty and sexuality, disease prevention, and health safety. Before topics are introduced, communication on curriculum and topics is shared with parents and guardians to allow for open discussion in the home environment as desired.  

The Nursing Office

  • Staffed with 2 registered nurses
  • Located on the 3rd floor in room 307
  • Telephone number: 212-812-8536
  • Fax number: 212-812-7220
  • Email:
  • Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.