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Student Leadership

Collegiate values the skills gained when students have the opportunity to lead. These opportunities arise as they progress through their years at the School, but also allows them to build bridges across grades and divisions, leading from within. A sampling of these opportunities 

The Buddies Program is a longstanding and favorite tradition in the Lower School at Collegiate. Each fourth grader is paired with a kindergartener and they have the opportunity to meet regularly. The fourth graders spend time playing games or collaborating on fun activities with their kindergarten buddy. Throughout the year, these seniors of the Lower School learn what it is like to be a mentor to the youngest students in the division. Not only is this program a great learning opportunity for them, but it is also an opportunity for them to take on a leadership role as they move forward into middle school.

The 8th Grade Leadership Team is a group of 8-10 eighth grade students who take on extra responsibility in the Middle School to lead and serve their peers and the larger Collegiate community. The responsibilities currently include: creating and leading events or activities to help with class/community bonding, emceeing Middle School assemblies, assisting with new student orientation and school tours, and managing seventh and eighth grade snack and ninth floor ping pong.

Collegiate's Upper School Student Government is a vibrant and active group that takes on challenges of all sorts in service of their peers.  This group is composed of 16 students, four from each grade in the Upper School. They take on tasks ranging from purchasing Collegiate merchandise for their peers, to coordinating food trucks for lunch, to ensuring the new building has the famous "Red Doors" that are so intertwined with the school's identity. They also organize spirit days and competitions in the courtyard.  These students are highly effective and do tremendous work for the benefit of their community.  As a recent member said, “we are advocates for improving student life.”

A kindergartener and his fourth grade buddy smiling at the camera with a thumbs up.

[It] is a great way for high school students to get involved in the community and improve daily life for the student body.

Matthew K. ’22, president of the 2021-2022 Student Government

Working with faculty, administrators, and other students, Student Government organizes all kinds of initiatives to make every day more fun and meaningful—that can mean anything from running courtyard tournaments to bringing food trucks to the school.

Peer Leadership, one of the cornerstones of the Upper School counseling program, provides a dynamic opportunity for students. As Juniors, students sign up for Group Dynamics class and meet weekly for the duration of the year with our counseling team to discuss their own experiences and to be trained to facilitate groups of underclassmen. Then, as seniors, these same students run their own groups with 9th and 10th graders while continuing to have weekly meetings with our counselors.