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After School

3 Middle School students working on iPads on a yellow couch in the center

Lower School 

Our After School program provides a warm, nurturing environment where students have opportunities to dive deeply into passions while being with friends across grade levels.

Collegiate faculty, as well as outside instructors, lead a variety of classes  designed for cross-grade groups of K–1 or 2–4. Offerings might include sports, arts, science, technology, engineering, dance, homework help, and chess. The classes are designed for fun, while promoting self-discovery, creativity, and sportsmanship.

Information is sent out before each semester and sign up is on a first come basis. 

Extended day provides a supervised space for students to be together as an extension of the school day. During this time they play games and sports, delve into arts and crafts, and complete homework. Grades K–4 attend together. The overall theme is “free to be me”. Students are encouraged to make their own choices, to run, jump, play, and laugh as much as they want

Middle School 

In the Middle School students can attend the after-school help center, study in the library, attend individual music classes, and, if in seventh and eighth grade, join athletic teams. 

After-School Help Center

The After School Help Center (ASHC) is run by our Academic Support department, and is a place where students have dedicated space and resources available to study and to work on their assignments. A variety of assistance is available—the learning specialists, teachers, and Upper School student volunteers, all of whom circulate among the students to answer questions and to help keep the students engaged with their work. The ASHC is available to Middle School students on Mondays–Thursdays whenever they choose to drop in, and there is no cost associated with the program.

Students can take music lessons through the Collegiate Conservatory of Music. Instruments available to study include violin, viola, cello, double bass, classical piano, jazz piano, drum set, Afro-Cuban drumming, banjo, guitar, and electric bass.

MS After School Help Center Classroom

Upper School 

There is no formal after school program in the upper school. Some students join athletic teams while others act in plays. The library and student centers provide space for the students to study and be together in the after school hours.