Psychological Services

The Psychological Services Department at Collegiate, in conjunction with other support and academic faculty and administration, strives to help provide a learning environment in which the boys, and Collegiate community as a whole, thrive emotionally and academically. The department works from a health-based model for the entire community with the belief that if the overall wellness of the community is increased, each individual will function at a higher level.

The social-emotional curriculum at Collegiate is woven throughout the school day in multiple settings and is provided by classroom teachers, advisors, and members of the Department of Psychological Services. Some of these programs include: 1) the Respect and Responsibility program in the Lower School, which includes lessons on topics such as community building, emotional literacy, conflict management, sportsmanship, diversity education, and relaxation techniques; 2) advisory lessons and workshops in the Middle School, which incorporate themes of community building, diversity education, self-understanding and awareness, friendship, stress and anxiety reduction, mindfulness, and conflict management; and 3) the Group Dynamics program for 7th, 8th, and 11th graders which is designed to provide emotional and psychological support and its extension, the Peer Leadership program, in which seniors run bi-weekly groups with underclassmen.
Further, as specific needs of students arise, we offer additional support services including short-term supportive counseling for students, individual parent meetings and collaboration, and referral services, as needed. Additionally, we collaborate with teachers in the support of students, make classroom observations, provide support groups for students with specific needs, such as new student groups and divorce groups, and run grade-level parent meetings and workshops throughout the divisions, focusing primarily on development and parenting.
Members of the department are a consistent presence in the school and are familiar faces to the students. They participate in classroom lessons and activities and have an open-door policy for students. Department members also regularly attend grade-level meetings and division-level support meetings and are available to provide consultation to all faculty and staff in support of the student body.
Health education at Collegiate aims to educate our students with information that is appropriate to their development, while also providing opportunity for open discussion and a time for students to ask questions. Students are taught about physical and emotional changes that occur as they mature, as well as focusing on topics of healthy relationships, hygiene, nutrition, and drug and alcohol awareness. We take care to ensure that these topics are presented at appropriate times and with developmentally appropriate language to serve the needs of our students.

List of 6 members.

  • Dr. Joshua Mandel 

    Director of Psychological Services
  • Dr. Benjamin Klein 

    Lower School and Middle School Psychologist
  • Ajanna Brockenbaugh 

    Middle School Psychologist
  • Kate Wheeler 

    Upper School Psychologist
  • Sharon McGahan 

    School Nurse, Health
  • Alicia Christian 

    Director of Nursing