For additional information contact Julie White, President of the Parents Association, Tim DeMasi and Diane Fernandez, Vice Presidents, Shireen Sabat, Chair of Class Representatives or Darnetha Lincoln M'Baye, PA Communications Coordinator by phone or e-mail via the online Directory.

The Parents Association of Collegiate School is a volunteer organization whose mission is to promote communication and understanding between parents and the school. It was founded in the late 1920’s; part of what makes our community unique is this long tradition of interaction among faculty, administration, and families. The list of committees on the Parents Association Group page describes the many areas in which the PA is active. There is an opportunity for everyone to participate and no time commitment is too small.

Meetings of the PA are held monthly from October to May. All parents are encouraged to attend. Meetings are generally held on the first or second Wednesday of the month. Each meeting addresses some aspect of Collegiate life, with speakers from the faculty, administration, or student body. The Head of School makes a brief presentation on topical subjects and takes questions from parents. Committee reports are made. Refreshments are available. A newsletter reflecting the content of the meeting is emailed to each family each month.

Positions in the PA are filled by the Nominating Committee, which is headed by the Chair of Class Representatives and consists of a parent from each division of the school and the President of the PA. Parents are encouraged to fill out a survey on the Parents Association Resource Board, inviting them to indicate their areas of interest; this survey is then used by the Nominating Committee. In addition, you may volunteer at any time throughout the year by emailing a committee chair, or filling out the volunteer form on the PA Group page.

The President of the PA, the Chair of Class Representatives, the Events Coordinator, the Treasurer, the Communications Coordinator, the Chairs of the Annual Fund, and Class Representatives all serve for two years. Other positions are for one or two years, depending on the role.

The Executive Committee of the PA is composed of the officers indicated on the committee list. This committee meets at the discretion of the President of the PA and not fewer than four times a year. The Executive Committee acts as a sounding board for the President in establishing policies and procedures for the Parents Association.

Class Representatives serve as liaisons between home and school, providing a channel of information to parents and acting as a conduit of information back to the school. As part of the Parents Association, they organize activities such as class cocktail parties, arrange for field trip chaperones, and, in general, support their children’s teachers and the Division Heads as necessary. There are two Class Representatives for each grade from kindergarten to four and, because of greater class size, three Representatives for each grade from five to twelve. Class Representatives meet with their respective Division Head, the chair of Class Representatives, and the President of the PA in the fall, winter, and spring.