From 1892-2017, Collegiate resided at several buildings on 77th and 78th Streets on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The former schoolhouse on West 77th Street is, together with the adjoining West End Collegiate Church, an historic landmark in the City of New York.

In 2013, the School announced that it would be moving to a new location and in January 2018, Collegiate moved into a new facility at 301 Freedom Place South. It consists of an eleven-story building (nine stories above ground and two below ground), with 180,000 square feet of classroom, athletics, theater, music, art, library, dining, and administrative space.  The School features common areas dedicated to each division that provide space for independent study, social interactions, and divisional activities.

The Lower School is located on floors 2 and 3 and provides opportunities for students to explore, question, collaborate, and play. Students have grade-appropriate common areas as well as a digital lab that allows our youngest students to use technology creatively.
The Middle School occupies floors 8 and 9. It has its own Maker Space, along with flexible classrooms, a Middle School Center and large, modern group study spaces.

The Upper School is housed on floors 5 and 6. It is significantly larger than the division’s previous space and is adjacent to the library. It features flexible classrooms and common areas that promote interaction among students and faculty.

Collegiate’s library is on floor 5. It features study carrels, group study rooms, as well as a separate Lower School library with a rug seating area, soft seating, and table seating appropriate for Lower School students. 

Sciences for all three divisions are consolidated onto floor 7 creating the opportunity for faculty and student partnerships and an inviting environment for student mentoring and interdivisional collaboration. The School’s science facilities provide dedicated individual research space and modern equipment, allowing students to conduct innovative research on campus.

Visual arts and music occupy floor 4, complete with music practice spaces, art studios, and a digital photo lab. Additionally, on the Lower Level, performing arts benefit from a 307-seat auditorium and a black-box theater, both of which support Collegiate’s vibrant drama program.

Collegiate’s athletics are housed in the Lower Level and include a high school regulation-size gym that supports our basketball teams. The gym can be partitioned to provide PE classes and practice space simultaneously. An additional gym, the Alumni Gym, can accommodate regulation wrestling competitions, half-court basketball, and features a retractable batting cage.

Outdoor space consists of a large roof deck on floor 9 with a large recreation area and a ground-level, 5,000-square-foot courtyard that allows for handball and basketball.