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Collegiate's Buddy Program

Buddies in Kindergarten and grade 4 reading together

All Lower School students look forward to the time when they become fourth graders. Not only are the boys in their final grade in the Lower School, but they also become buddies with Kindergarten students. Each fourth grade boy is paired with our youngest students and they meet together regularly to do different activities. This includes buddy lunches and park time, reading books, and creating projects. Fourth graders slip into this leadership role with ease and the Kindergarteners are always so excited to see their buddy. We continue this relationship when the fourth graders become fifth graders and are connected with the first graders. 

Here are some photos from the buddy lunches and activities in Fall 2023. 

Kindergarten and grade 4 buddies holding hands
Lower School Buddies reading together
Lower School Buddies reading at a table
Lower School buddies reading a book together
Group of Lower School buddies reading together
Lower School buddies at lunch
Lower School buddies at lunch
Lower School buddies at lunch