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Toward Our 400th

Strategic Goals 2022-2028

We are pleased to share the results of the Board of Trustees' strategic planning process with the Collegiate community.

The strategic goals below, adopted by the Board at our October meeting, will guide us through our 400th anniversary in 2028 and aim to honor the history of our school and lay out a vision for its future. 

Designed to be aspirational and measurable, these goals exist in service to Collegiate's core values and beliefs: academic rigor, pride in our identity as a boys’ school, respect for our history and traditions, and commitment to creating a community of genuine belonging for all. 

These remain the foundation of Collegiate, and our strategic goals envision how they will be lived in practice.

We are excited to share this vision with you and hope that the entire Collegiate community will be as inspired as we are by what the future holds for this remarkable school.

Our Strategic Goals

An exceptional academic program rests upon the excellence of its faculty. Their expertise, experience, and commitment to Collegiate’s values and beliefs, and to the boys’ learning and well-being, are essential. Therefore, Collegiate must support, reward, recruit, and retain the most exceptional teachers who will deliver a learning experience to the boys at the level of excellence and rigor that has historically distinguished Collegiate School. To achieve this, we must:

Boys deserve an educational setting designed for their unique learning and social-developmental needs. Even as some have called into question the value of boys' schools, we are devoted to what is best for boys and believe boys' schools offer a vital educational choice. Therefore, Collegiate will become a vocal champion of and visible leader in the education of boys by understanding and addressing the opportunities and challenges faced by boys today and acting as their advocates. To be a vocal champion and visible leader, we must:

Boys learn best in a place where they are seen, heard, valued, and loved; where all members of our community are joined by shared values and common purpose; and where learning is both rigorous and joyful. This happens when we are explicit in our determination to create such an environment and when sustaining a community of belonging for all is a priority. Collegiate will be intentional in creating such a place, one that centers authentic connections, provides communal experiences, embraces diversity, ensures equity, and elevates the daily joy of growing and learning together. To demonstrate this intention, we must:

We are proud of our historic commitment to providing an education based in the liberal arts and the reputation we have built for excellence in the humanities. This will always be the case. Today this broad intellectual grounding must be complemented by rigorous education in math, science, and computer science, and thus Collegiate, consistent with its history of academic excellence, will continue to establish and elevate exemplary programs in math, science, and computer science as essential complements to other disciplines. To be exemplary in these areas, we must:

Collegiate has historically aimed to find the right balance between the involvement of our parents in the life of the school and our goal of developing independent, resilient boys. Over time, finding this balance has become more challenging. Therefore, Collegiate will more clearly define its vision for a collaborative school-parent partnership that centers our boys, helps them build strong character and values, and prepares them for a lifetime of fulfillment, achievement, and selflessness. To achieve a positive and productive partnership, we must:

Collegiate will embark on an ambitious effort to ensure its long-term financial sustainability, protecting its well-resourced programs and facilities, attracting and retaining the finest talent, and continuing to offer generous financial aid for all qualified students. This effort will include an elevation of its overall giving program in support of our strategic goals. To realize these ambitious goals, we must: