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2 Lower School students painting on craft paper on the floor

Our school succeeds because of our talented faculty and staff. Working together, we strive to provide the best for our students. With many advanced degrees, publications, and varied experience and backgrounds, we come together to support this community. 

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Juan Carlos Aguirre

Class of 2002

Dwayne Alexis

Class of 2007
History Teacher, Coach

Maria Allen

Math Department Head, MS Curriculum Coordinator

Alethea Almedina

Library Administrative Assistant, Assistant Director of Music Conservatory
Library, Music

Ellen Anthony

MS English Curriculum Coordinator, Grade 7 Dean
Drama, English

Madeleine Ayala-Lopez

Assistant Head of Lower School
Administration LS

Andrew Ayers

LS Learning Specialist
Academic Support

Gabriel Bahena

Spanish, Coach
Modern Languages and Classics

Dindial Bajnath

Building Services

Giacomo Baldelli

Music Conservatory - Guitar and Rock Band