Welcome to Collegiate’s Community Corner!

For many of us, community is the most meaningful and influential part of school and learning. The reliable connections with people and shared community experiences specific to Collegiate are part of what makes the school so special. While we cannot fully replicate that, we hope to provide a little bit of that joy and spontaneous connection each week. To this end, we are offering a curated list of activities and resources developed specifically with the students, families, and parents of our community in mind. When you engage in any of these activities or resources, you can do so knowing that not only are you working, connecting, and playing side by side with other Collegiate students and families, but you are also contributing to the wellbeing of our community as a whole - we'll add new categories and update others, so please check back regularly.
It is our hope that this page will continue to provide you with the essential, if simple, human moments of happiness and strength through community as your family copes with this difficult time. When youve done an activity, we encourage you to share your results—photos, videos, drawings, or whatever you’ve done—by using this form, and you can also tag us on social media to share these ideas with members of the community (you can find us on Facebook or Instagram).


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  • Community Event of the Week

    Send a letter to a fellow New Yorker who is struggling with these steps. Start rethinking your summer to include volunteering to tutor younger students.
  • Mindfulness

    Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the moment—being aware of thoughts, feelings, and body sensations. Research on mindfulness has repeatedly shown that it can increase many aspects of health, which include decreasing anxiety and negative feelings.
    Listen to the Peace Out podcast for stories that help children regulate their emotions
  • Compassion for Yourself and Others


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List of 3 items.

  • Recipe of the Week

    Join our community each week for a shared recipe that we can bake together as a nuclear family and virtually as a Collegiate family. In these challenging times, we are hearing that many families have been cooking together more than ever and enjoying family dinners most nights. Send us your pictures of the family in the kitchen cooking or eating the final product.

    This week, Chef James offers the recipe for adobo pork stew.
  • Art Challenge

    Make a newspaper envelope for all those great letters you’re writing or go bold in your summer fashion with tie-dye socks or a sweetheart shirt.
  • Riddles of the Week

    Dr. Mandel’s Puzzler 
    Difficult: Say my name and I disappear. What am I?
    Harder:  stand when I am sitting and I jump when I am walking. Who am I?
    HardestHow can you add eight 8s to make 1000?
    Submit your answers here.

    Answers will be shared next week. 

    Answers from last week: Teapot; A shoe; Place the pencil against a wall