Athletics are integral to a comprehensive educational program and can contribute substantially to the learning experience of all students. Therefore, each student who elects to participate in a sport will be encouraged to develop his skills to the greatest extent possible, regardless of his beginning skills or abilities. 

Through interscholastic athletics, an opportunity is provided for students to achieve well beyond the levels expected in the physical education classes. Participation in athletics provides experiences which are designed to fit harmoniously into the overall educational program.

Spectator Policy

For all indoor sporting events held at Collegiate School, only parents/guardians, siblings, and grandparents of Collegiate School athletes will be allowed to enter the gym on the day of the game(s). When the game is a doubleheader, Collegiate asks that you only stay for the game involving your son. Collegiate is allowing some Collegiate students to attend home games. Collegiate will also allow 2 spectators per opposing team student-athlete to attend games at Collegiate. All spectators must show proof of vaccination upon arrival and must wear a disposable, medical-grade mask at all times. After the game we ask you leave the gym area immediately and meet your son outside of the school.

Updated February 10, 2022