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  • Drama

    The Drama program begins in the Middle School and aims to introduce students to the traditions of theater history and a variety of basic theater techniques. Students in grades 6-8 have the option of taking yearlong drama classes, in which they explore physical theater, masks, building a character, and theatrical text. At all grade levels, students have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular plays, which are performed for an invited audience.

    In the Upper School, the Drama Department offers instruction in the theoretical and practical application of theater. Through the exploration of dramatic texts, historical contexts, and physical and vocal techniques, students develop greater emotional literacy, facility with their bodies and voices, and an appreciation of theatrical conventions. The program offers classes in acting, directing, technical design, and New York City theater. Students also have the opportunity to participate in five to six productions each year.
  • Music

    The music program in the early years concentrates on singing, vocal production, pitch perception, and reading music. Orff instruments are used to develop rhythm, meter, and ensemble playing. Fourth graders learn to play the recorder.

    Boys in the fifth and sixth grades receive group instruction in violin, viola, cello or double bass. Seventh- and eighth-grade boys choose from the following offerings: chorus, orchestra, music technology, and Afro-Latino drumming. At all grade levels, performance opportunities are part of the program and individual music study is encouraged.

    In the Upper School, students may take theory and composition courses and participate in a variety of choruses and ensembles.
  • Visual Arts

    The visual arts program is broadly based. The Lower School program includes instruction in drawing, coloring, painting, printmaking, modeling in clay, collage, origami, mask-making, and silhouettes. From grade to grade the projects become more complex.

    In the Middle School, students use an array of imaginative skills while also developing technical skills in foundation areas such as drawing, collage, painting and sculpture. A variety of projects will also include units in digital photography and architectural design.

    In Upper School, Students study art history and take advantage of New York City’s many museums and cultural institutions.