The Music Department strives to promote excellence in music by creating meaningful experiences through performance, understanding, and appreciation of the art of music. We aim to help students develop their individual talents and interests as well as cultivate their musical and artistic development. Further, we want students to explore the areas of expression and imagination. We believe that every student should be given the opportunity to learn music and to share in musical experiences. We work to foster self-confidence, creativity, responsibility, and self-expression.
The Department seeks to provide K-12 students with opportunities to develop skills in each of the areas of: General Music, Music Appreciation, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, and Music Creation. The Department also promotes a high standard of excellence, a passion for life-long learning and enjoyment, through the highest level of comprehensive musical study in a supportive and challenging environment. Additionally, every year, we produce sixty to seventy student performances, both on and off campus, through assemblies, recitals, concerts, and concert tours.