Lower School Application Process

Due to Covid-19, all aspects of the 2021-2022 admissions process will be conducted virtually.

  • The Admissions Office will call to schedule a parent/guardian virtual appointment after the application is on file.
  • The T&E Assessment is required for Kindergarten applicants. Deadline for submission of Registration Form for T&E: December 1, 2021.
  • For Grades 1- 4, appointments are scheduled for an applicant only when there is an opportunity for enrollment in the grade.

Application Checklist:

  • Submit application and $75 fee to Collegiate School by December 6. The application fee may be waived for families applying for financial aid. Retain a copy of the application for your files.

  • To be considered for Kindergarten or Grade 1, please request the ISAAGNY school report be completed by the current school and submitted to the Admissions Office.

  • For applicants to Grades 2-4, request official transcript from current school.

    Transcript Request Form

  • The Admissions Office will call to schedule a virtual parent interview after the application is on file.  Applicants to Grades 1-4 may contact the Admissions Office regarding opportunities for enrollment. Appointments are scheduled when there is an opportunity for enrollment in the grade.

  • If applying for financial aid
  • File the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) with the School and Student Services by communitybrands (sssandtadsfa.force.com/parents). Collegiate SSS code: 2488
  • Provide your family's most recently filed federal tax return and supplementary documents to Collegiate School, no later than January 14, 2022.

Admissions Office Contact Info:

Please note:

All information concerning the applicant should be submitted to the Admissions Office no later than January 7.
Return required forms by email to SubmitInfo@collegiateschool.org. In email correspondence, please include in the subject line the applicant's entering grade and first and last names.