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The Arts

Students in Lower School art class with pots of paint in the foreground

Our Arts faculty work closely to deliver a rich program that allows each boy to experiment and explore, and to find his passions.

Our arts program consists of visual arts, music, and drama. They celebrate their work with an annual Arts Day. This school-wide event features student artists and performers at each grade level sharing creative work with family and friends.  Musical performances range from individual recitals to full orchestra performances. Dramatic performers present the work—finished or in progress—they’ve prepared.  Displays of visual art, both two-dimensional and sculptural, are displayed around the school and frequently students present their processes and outcomes. 

chamber music group performing
student artwork on the wall of the stair well
Upper School Chorus singing on stage
three ceramic bowls students made
students performing Arcadia in the black box theater
The Advanced Orchestra performing on the stage
ceramic shoes students made
lower school paintings of flowers in vases
Middle Schoolers performing The Servant of Two Masters

Visual Arts

We believe that all students can create art.  Beginning in Kindergarten, our students have a hands-on, safe, varied experience in art that includes drawing, painting, sculpting, using clay, using fibers, printmaking, photographing, and designing. The pillars of our program include: using art as language and as a tool, art as a form of communication, art as a form of personal expression, art as construction and craftsmanship, understanding art in its context, and art as a means of learning about others while honoring individual students’ backgrounds and experiences.  Our studios model professional art-making environments in which students move freely, take responsibility for themselves and for their materials, and practice discussing their work within a supportive environment.

lower school students painting
a student drawing in art class
lower school students painting
an art teacher working with a student on his drawing
students in art class
Middle School students creating mandalas on the sidewalk
Upper School students sitting at pottery wheels


The Drama program begins in the Middle School and aims to introduce students to the traditions of theater history and a variety of basic theater techniques. Our fifth through twelfth grade sequence will prepare students to create as actors, playwrights, directors, and designers and to knowledgeably critique theatrical texts and performances. Our mission is to present theater and performance as an academic area of the school's curriculum; to construct a discourse that does not separate acts of knowing from doing, theory from practice, or life from art; to value the qualities of gratitude, forgiveness, inclusion, optimism, courage, and love; and to strive to help our students to see meaning and to find satisfaction in their lives and in the lives around them. At all grade levels, students have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular plays, which are performed for an invited audience.


Sixth graders have the opportunity to audition for an after school production in the fall; past titles have included James and the Giant Peach, The Lightning Thief, and Haroun and the Sea of Stories

One of our most beloved Collegiate theater traditions is the annual seventh and eighth grade Shakespeare play. Seventh and eighth graders have the opportunity to collaborate on a Shakespeare play every winter with students from our peer schools. Past productions have included Twelfth Night, Julius Caesar, and Macbeth

Every year Upper School students have the opportunity to audition for four faculty directed productions and one Senior Project play. Past productions have included Eurydice, Hamlet, Proof, Into the Woods, and American Buffalo.

Students dressed up as animals performing James and the Giant Peach
Students performing Into the Woods
Students performing the play Eurydice
Students performing Julius Caesar
Students performing Senior Project Play A Few Good Men


The Music Department strives to promote excellence in music by creating meaningful experiences through performance, understanding, and appreciation of the art of music. We aim to help students develop their individual talents and interests as well as cultivate their musical and artistic development. Further, we want students to explore the areas of expression and imagination. We believe that every student should be given the opportunity to learn music and to share in musical experiences. We work to foster self-confidence, creativity, responsibility, and self-expression.

The Department also promotes a high standard of excellence, a passion for life-long learning and enjoyment, through the highest level of comprehensive musical study in a supportive and challenging environment. Additionally, every year, we produce sixty to seventy student performances, both on and off campus, through assemblies, recitals, concerts, and concert tours.

Orchestra and Chorus

Students who like to sing can join our very lively after-school chorus starting in the Lower School. The Middle School offers a sixth/seventh grade chorus, a seventh/eighth grade chorus, and a Middle School a cappella ensemble. Singers can join the Upper School Chorus and can audition for our Upper School a cappella group, “The UnDutchables,” starting in the ninth grade.

Students who play a string instrument can join the Lower School after-school orchestra beginning in second grade. The Middle School Orchestra is open to any interested string student in fifth grade, and the Upper School Orchestra starts in ninth grade.

The Collegiate Music Department holds regular concerts throughout the year to showcase our progress and to celebrate musical excellence. In addition to performances at school for family and friends, we have performed at Carnegie Hall, Alice Tully Hall, Music in the Parks, and in joint concerts with other New York City independent schools.


There are three all-school recital programs every year, open to any student who plays or sings.  

Music Conservatory

Students can take music lessons through the Collegiate Conservatory of Music. Instruments available to study include violin, viola, cello, double bass, classical piano, jazz piano, drum set, Afro-Cuban drumming, banjo, guitar, and electric bass.

Orchestra playing on a stage
a student playing a xylophone in music
A chorus rehearsing
a string quartet rehearsing in the orchestra room
a student playing the violin in a music lesson