Enhancing the Experience

As technology continues to bring us new ways of learning and exploration, we believe it is imperative that a purposeful and thoughtful use of technology is integrated into all aspects of our school. Our mission is to make sure that technology enhances the students’ and the teachers’ experience by enabling efficiency, creativity, collaboration, and connectivity. Skills are developed in a deliberate and multifaceted way so boys can find success in the digital world.
As technologies evolve, as innovation becomes more important, and as the world is increasingly connected, our students need to be flexible risk takers. The ability to encounter problems in the digital world with confidence and to tinker until successful is of paramount importance. Technology often allows students to be in control of their own learning and wherever possible to make choices about the best path to take. They will be exposed to a variety of devices and software as there is clearly, in this complicated world, no one right way.


In Kindergarten a technology teacher visits the boys in the classroom. They are introduced to programming by using Bee-bots. Technology classes in the labs run from first grade to fifth grade. The curriculum largely focuses on computer science, design, and digital media. It also includes digital citizenship lessons, typing, and some basic preparation for file storage and organization. In all grades, technologists push into classes to assist or lead projects.
In eighth grade the boys have an option of taking the Engineering and Design course. This yearlong class is offered to give students an opportunity to explore the worlds of 3D design, electronics, and programming in an in-depth, project based course. The curriculum introduces the boys to power tools, soldering irons, 3D printers, and a whole host of other tools and disciplines that they marry together to create from their imaginations.
In the Upper School, Computer Science is offered. This course covers Java and all the algorithms, data structures and programming concepts in the AP Computer Science curriculum. Students write a number of programs over the course of the school year and develop a solid foundation of object oriented programming skills as well as an understanding of the fundamentals of computer science.  

Technology and our Space

The building was designed so teachers and students have seamless access to wifi and projection as well as a number of unique spaces that support investigation and innovation with technology.
In the Lower School the boys attend classes in a digital lab that houses robotics equipment, laptops, and iPads. The space has flexible furniture and can be rearranged for different activities. The Middle School Makerspace is a large space with work benches and a wide range of tools that allow for a computer science and design curriculum as well as individual expression. Power tools, a sewing machine, saws, and 3D printers allow the boys to follow the design thinking process. The Upper School students have access to a digital media lab that is equipped with desktops, and a Mac Lab for digital photography. Finally, the support hub houses the IT staff who are accessible to the entire community.
Every classroom in the school allows teachers to project, interact with a whiteboard, cast the students work on to the board, and, where needed, to share work through a document camera.