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Teaching and Learning at Collegiate

A teacher leading students down the hall on the Arts Floor

Our program is designed and delivered with boys in mind. Following research, we know that most boys learn and flourish given certain practices. Our excellent teachers focus on these practices, outlined below, optimizing the experience for each and every student. 

Boys Want to...

two upper school students reading books while lying on bean bags

Be Themselves

Boys need to understand there are many ways to be a boy. They deserve teachers that understand and enjoy the unique and varied nature of boys. They need to learn to express emotion and develop empathy.

two upper school students and a teacher working with plants in science class

Build Authentic Relationships

Boys need to build positive relationships with both peers and adults. They need to feel valued, be seen, and be known. Our teachers build trust and connection in and out of the classroom allowing our boys to be guided to reach their fullest potential.

A lower school student building something with popsicle sticks


Boys learn by doing. They are at their best when creating and building. Boys thrive when given engaging and purposeful tasks that involve joy and play as well as collaboration and competition.

A student looking at a beaker in science class


Our liberal arts program provides our boys with a diverse menu of opportunities to explore and experience. In this single-gendered environment, our students can choose a wide variety of activities and expand on stereotypical paths. 

A student presenting a project at the front of the classroom


In and out of the classroom, our boys find their voices and learn how to use them. Leadership opportunities exist in a variety of environments allowing students to grow the necessary courage to provide input and to question.

a middle school student performing in front of his drama class

Rise to high expectations

Our teachers simultaneously meet our students where they are academically and socially and set high expectations for their success. Boys need to strive for excellence while learning to take risks and accept mistakes with grace.