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Middle School years are a significant and highly identifiable time in human development. During the span of 10-14 years old, there is hardly a developmental stage—other than the first four years of life—when change is so dramatic, dynamic, and observable. The physical changes are the most obvious, but concurrently, Middle School students grapple with deep concern about justice, independence, and social acceptance. Their emotional existence hinges on sense of belonging, sense of self as a student, and steadiness of life events. Their cognitive growth is advantaged by the abundant grey matter of their brains. Grey matter regions of the brain are where brain cells make the most connections, and where the greatest potential for developing skills and habits of mind occur. Middle School years are a prime time for cognitive learning and personal growth. What students are most often exposed to during their grey matter peak years will be the seeds of intelligence, skills, and empathy that they can later sow.
At Collegiate, students are fortunate to learn from a talented faculty, and to build friendships with an intellectually curious yet playful set of peers. May your visit to the Middle School section of the website provide you with an understanding of our philosophy, program, and sense of the vigorous and affirming learning environment we seek to foster each day.

Student Life

Each student has a faculty member who serves as his advisor. Each advisor is responsible for overseeing the academic, social, and emotional growth of approximately eight advisees. Advisors meet weekly with their advisory group and lead discussions that focus on a myriad of topics including: friendship, mindfulness, motivation, and community standards. Outings to the park or for a local treat are also common experiences during advisory. 
Bi-weekly assemblies bring students together to enjoy programs that are both entertaining and informative. Guest speakers and artists are invited to host assemblies, but more commonly, middle school students are featured in performances such as: drama and music productions, geo-bee competitions, public speaking forums, and talent shows. Featured events at assembly often become conversation points during advisory. Members of the 8th grade Leadership Team emcee the assemblies.
Middle School students choose from a variety of clubs such as: Robotics, Model United Nations, Science Olympiad, 8th grade Leadership Team, Math Counts, and our online literary magazine, Jabberwock. Clubs meet bi-weekly during the school day, however, some clubs require more frequent or after school meetings.
After-School Program
The After School Help Center (ASHC) is run by our Academic Support department, Fisher-Landau, and is a place where students have dedicated space and resources available to study and to work on their assignments. A variety of assistance is available—the learning specialists, teachers, and Upper School student volunteers, all of whom circulate among the students to answer questions and to help keep the students engaged with their work. The ASHC is available to Middle School students on Tuesdays-Thursdays whenever they choose to drop in, and there is no cost associated.
The Flying Dutchmen is open to students in kindergarten through sixth grade and runs on a semester basis. The Flying Dutchman offers programs such as: chess, martial arts, science, and dance. Programs are offered at a fee and are held at Collegiate and at several off-campus locations. In addition, students can take music lessons through the Collegiate Conservatory of Music. Instruments available to study include violin, viola, cello, double bass, classical piano, jazz piano, drum set, Afro-Cuban drumming, banjo, guitar, and electric bass.
Community Service
Community service is an intrinsic part of the Collegiate experience. As part of its mission, Collegiate is committed to guiding students to develop empathy and desire to help others. Middle School students participate in group community service projects and students commonly come up with their own ideas about ways to serve the wider community.