College Guidance

College advising at Collegiate provides an example of the personal attention that can be found in a small school. The emphasis is on individualized counseling and the overall development of each boy through a rigorous and honest self-evaluation and leadership in the decision-making process. If the student does justice to his research efforts and self-assessment, a successful match most likely will follow. The director and associate director of college guidance meet regularly with students beginning in the spring of their junior year, guiding them in all facets of the college admissions process. The college advisor also maintains professional relationships with admissions colleagues at colleges and universities to support the interests of Collegiate's students. 

Collegiate students are known for the marked maturity with which they approach their college search. They maintain a healthy perspective and are genuinely empathetic toward one another throughout this complex process. This combination of thorough procedures and searching attitudes leads Collegiate students into successful and rewarding college experiences. For many years, Collegiate graduates have distinguished themselves on a variety of levels at residential colleges and universities throughout the nation.

Standardized Testing

All members of the junior class take either the SAT or the ACT. During the last decade, average scores on both tests have been consistently well above the ninetieth percentile for college-bound seniors in the United States.
Much of the course work in the eleventh and twelfth grades is of an advanced nature and many students in these courses choose to take Advanced Placement examinations in order to apply for advanced standing in college. In a typical year, more than half of the juniors and seniors will write examinations in a wide variety of subjects. Over the past ten years 95% of these examinations resulted in honor grades, often gaining college credit at many undergraduate institutions.

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  • College Matriculation

    During the past 5 years (2017-2021), Collegiate graduates have enrolled at the following colleges and universities: 

    Harvard University18
    University of Chicago15
    University of Pennsylvania14
    Cornell University13
    Yale University13
    Columbia University12
    Duke University12
    Brown University9
    Northwestern University8
    Dartmouth College7
    Georgetown University7
    University of Michigan7
    Williams College7
    Stanford University6
    Tulane University5
    Vanderbilt University5
    Boston College4
    Bowdoin College4
    Bucknell University4
    New York University4
    Princeton University4
    Washington University in St. Louis4
    Amherst College3
    Bates College3
    Colgate University3
    Davidson College3
    Fordham University3
    Haverford College3
    Oberlin College3
    Swarthmore College3
    Trinity College3
    Tufts University3
    Carleton College2
    Carnegie Mellon University2
    Connecticut College2
    Emory University2
    Kenyon College2
    Middlebury College2
    Pomona College2
    Skidmore College2
    University of Oxford2
    University of St. Andrews2
    University of Virginia2
    Vassar College2
    Wesleyan University2
    William & Mary2
    American University1
    Claremont McKenna1
    Colby College1
    Colorado College1
    Dalhousie University1
    DePaul University1
    Dutchess Community College  (SUNY)1
    Georgia Institute of Technology1
    Hamilton College1
    Ithaca College1
    Johns Hopkins University1
    Lafayette College1
    Pitzer College1
    Rice University1
    Rochester Institute of Technology1
    Santa Clara University1
    Sarah Lawrence1
    Southern Methodist University1
    Syracuse University1
    U.S. Naval Academy1
    UNC Wilmington1
    Union College1
    University of California, San Diego1
    University of Edinburgh1
    University of Notre Dame1
    University of Southern California1
    University of Vermont1
    University of Wisconsin-Madison1
    Wake Forest University1
    Wheaton College1