Academic Support

The Academic Support Department offers additional educational support for students in all grades. A wide range of students benefit from the department; some have learning difficulties, others need more time and practice to develop underlying learning skills. The Academic Support department focuses on the process rather than the content of learning.

List of 9 members.

  • Andrew Ayers 

    Lower School Learning Specialist
  • Lisa DeGirolami 

    K-6 Mathematics Specialist
  • Jill Feighan 

    Director, After School Help Center
  • Amelia Glauber 

    Lower School Reading Specialist
  • Alexandra Hekking 

    Lower School Reading Teacher
  • Chloe Levenson 

    Middle School Learning Specialist, Grade 7 Co-Dean
  • Jared Lister 

    English, Middle/Upper School Writing Center Support, Grade 9 Dean
  • Nikki Solyom 

    Middle School Academic Support Specialist, Grade 5 Dean
  • Ms. Alice Vogt 

    Upper School Learning Specialist