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At Collegiate,

we believe in:

Students singing at LS Moving Up Day
Students cheering at basketball game
Middle School students playing ping pong
Lower School students looking in a microphone

History & Tradition

Part of something greater than himself . . .

We value, celebrate, examine, and learn from our history and traditions and appreciate that our School is old, yet not old-fashioned. We build upon our history to help our boys understand the legacy they carry and the brotherhood they enter into.

Knowing one’s place in history is especially important during periods of rapid change. Our boys will be entering a world that will require constant learning, relearning, and use of new and evolving skills. At Collegiate, we acknowledge and embrace the traditions of the past, while embracing the change to come. We believe this will allow our boys to thrive in the future. 

Our History

Culture & Community

The bonds of a brotherhood that last a lifetime . . .

Everyone walking through Collegiate’s red doors deserves to say, “This is my community and here I am known, valued, and loved.”   

We know that a community of care, belonging, and exemplary character is the best environment for preparing our boys to lead the change, innovation, and growth that will bring a brighter future for all. We are intentional about building and sustaining a culture founded upon the sharing of ideas with civility and camaraderie in pursuit of a common purpose.

Student Life

Boys’ Education

A community that values and cultivates the joys of boyhood

We are a proud boys’ school. We believe boys’ education allows our boys to become their authentic selves as their growth can be focused on the unique ways boys learn and develop. We celebrate boys, harnessing their energy on their journey of learning and discovering new possibilities. 

We nurture the brotherhood that develops among our boys as they grow up together. The bonds they form are strong and permeated with kindness and caring.  Our boys explore together what it means to be a good man, one who understands strong relationships, is comfortable with his emotions, and can lead with confidence, fairness, and empathy.   

Teaching and Learning

Academic Excellence

A rigorous preparation for a lifetime of learning . . .

We are committed to academic excellence and the highest standards of scholarship ensuring our boys reach their greatest potential. Our faculty celebrate rigorous yet purposeful work, and personal growth and academic success are nurtured and supported.

Our teachers ensure our students feel safe and supported to take risks, fail gracefully, and try again, stretching their learning in creative and innovative ways.  As the boys develop executive functioning and advanced academic skills, they become independent and ambitious scholars who understand how to think critically and develop opinions and goals.

Teaching and Learning

“Collegiate’s greatest accomplishment may be its unwavering belief that education is worthy only if it links discipline with compassion and learning with a sense of responsibility and joy.”